This week we have added a selection of beautiful vegan tote bags to the Celadon Lush collection. They're perfect for dancers. It's not just for dancing though. I'm taking a trip to Florida this winter and you can bet the bag is going with me. When I go to the gym I just swap out my dance shoes and replace then with my gym shoes and change of clothes. I struggled for so long with a duffle bag waiting until I would find the perfect dance bag. Now it's here.

Being a ballroom dancer I chose the black leopard and had my name embroidered on the front. Not too showy but yes a little bit.

The neoprene is machine washable, lightweight, and vegan. There are 2 sizes available for some styles and some have different color lining.

It has two inside zippered pockets. I use one for Latin shoes and the other for standard shoes, and there's still room in the bag for practice shoes. There's ample room for my standard skirt, Latin skirt, shoe brush and the cosmetics bag comes in handy too.

Browse our tote bags and let me know if you find yet another use for this tote bag.