me3-outdoorsDeborah Atley is a self-taught fashion designer who discovered her creative abilities at an early age. She found her passion in  lingerie design which fulfilled her love of creating beautiful things through design and quality details as she used only the highest quality silk and French Calais lace.

Dancing began at the late age of 23 when she started ballet and fell in love with it. Too late for a serious dance career she performed in local musical theatre groups where because of her design experience, she also took on the role of costume designer.

A ballroom dancer for 6 years and a competitor for 3 years Deborah says “there is nothing more exciting than dancing, except designing beautiful dancewear. I am by no means an expert on competitive dancing but I do know my design style; it’s innovative, elegant, sexy and sophisticated. When I started ballroom dancing I made practice wear for myself and found that my design expression was shifting to dancewear. I had discovered a new passion and Celadon Lush was created.”

When it comes to practice wear, I hope  to offer you a new and innovative dancewear style. I hope you find something at Celadon Lush that makes you feel like the beautiful dancer you are!” Deborah Atley